From the Richmond Whig, 9/5/1865, p. 3, c. 2

THE JAMES RIVER WRECKS. – With such bustle and activity at Rocketts, and the arrival and departure of vessels, it is matter of surprise that some effort has not been made to remove from the channel the wrecks of the steamers West Point and Patrick Henry, the former of which was wrecked and capsized in one of the floods, and the latter blown up by the Confederate Government on the morning of the evacuation. Because of the presence of these wrecks vessels can not move out or into the harbor at night without danger of colliding with them. We should think that the quantity of old iron and machinery to be obtained from the wrecks would repay all the expense of removal that any parties might incur. Let these wrecks be removed, by all means, and open a free and unobstructed channel up to the very wharves of the city.

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