From the Richmond Enquirer, 6/13/1861

THE ENCAMPMENTS. - The Encampments in our vicinity still continue to be the principal attraction, where our citizens repair to spend the afternoons. Throngs are daily seen at the Central Fair Grounds, at Howard's Grove, and at other points where our soldiers are congregation. Howard's Grove, where, besides others, the New Orleans Washington Artillery and the New Orleans Zouaves are stationed, appears, however, to be the favorite resort. There, every evening, one may see thousands of our people witnessing with pleasure their parade. The ladies, who are not a whit behind the men in their patriotic ardor of driving the Yankees from Virginia, may be observed in crowds, and apparently take as much delight in the various exercises and evolutions of the soldiers as a veteran General might be supposed to manifest. In going out many of them carry flowers and other such memorials of regard by which they delicately indicate their high appreciation of the brave fellows who, in the hour and peril of battle, will be nerved to the noblest action when reflecting on the fair ones whom they are to defend from the licentious "Beauty and Booty" seekers.

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