From William A. Carrington CSR (M331): Inspection report, dated 11/8/62, for General Hospital #13.

213 Main St., Nov. 8th 1862

Surgeon E. S. Gaillard, Medl Director,
                                   I have the honour to report that I have this day inspected Genl Hosl No 13 situated on 20th St. between Main & Cary Sts. in this city; in the 4 story brick factory – Rented by Dm. Lea, guardian at $200 per month – occupied since June 1st 62 as a Hospital & fitted up by the present Surgeon in Charge.

The internal arrangement is similar to that of Genl Hosl No. 12 – These being 3 wards – 2 offices – guard room – apothecary shop dining, store, mess, matron, nurses & guard room & a ward room in the main building room & a dead house, privies – Kitchen & laundry in the yard. The Apothecary Shop is in common with Genl Hosl No. 16 & is on Main St full one block distance, where the Georgia Hosl operation had their headquarters – There is no bath house or bath. The partitions necessary for these rooms were erected since its occupation & also a laundry is in the yard.

The Capacity of the Hospital is 150 though 170 have been inmates. The Hospital attendants are within the allowance & of them only one is detailed – One laundress & one female nurse have been engaged.

The Medl Staff consist of the Surgeon in Charge W. D. Hays & Asst S. R. S. Carroll both of whom have stood detailed examination before the Medl Board. Hosl Steward G. B. Poulson, appointed by the Sec. of War receives the pay of an orderly sergeant only & nothing from the Hospital fund.

The wards are indicated by letters & the beds are numbered. Convalescents are transferred to Camp Winder & proper inspections are made – one Surgeon remains in the Hospital constantly – The Stewards duties are well performed – this is one of the few Hosls where the issues of Hosl Steward are correctly made & recorded. The wardmaster's duties are also well performed.

The Hospital records are complete & neatly & accurately kept.

The condition of the wards & their contents; the Stewards & apothecary department & the laundry were in a creditable condition - & in no part of the Hosl did I find anything directly undesireable or contrary to hygiene. The privies are in only tolerable order & all garbage is removed daily from the yards & by a corporation asst.

The Hospital fund was $400 on Oct. 1st – now the Surgeon in Ch. sells flour at market price to the baker & receives bread at the market (wholesale) price. Officers have always been charged for the benefits of the Hosl fund. One Corporal & 3 men compose the guard & are sufficient.

There is one abuse allowed to exist directly contrary to Par. X, Genl Orders Sept 20th – Scarcely any control has existed in patients in private quarters – they are reported as 21 in No but the Surgeon in Ch. informed me that not more than 5 obey regulations – I entrust him in his duties on this case.

I also found at this Hospital Hosl furniture, beds & litters rotting uncovered in the yard & was told the Medl Purveyor would not receive them because he had not storage for them.

Stoves have been erected & means have been taken to make the wards sufficiently warm for winter – There was no death in this Hospl during the Mo of Oct. On the whole I can report the Hosl as in good condition & well ordered & managed.

Very Respectfully
    Your Obedient Servant
         Wm A. Carrington
             Surgeon & Inspector of Hospls.

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