From William A. Carrington CSR (M331): Inspection report, dated 11/16/1862, of General Hospital #16.

Richmond, Nov 16th, 1862

Surgeon E. S. Gaillard, Medl Director
                             I have the honour to report that I have this day inspected Genl Hospital No. 16 situated on 21st Street between Main & Cary St. formerly known as the 1st Georgia Hospital. It is in the brick tobacco factory 4 stories high owned by E. A. Smith & rented at $300 per annum & established as a Hospl by the Ga. Hospital Assn, Sept 1st/61. In the yard are privy, coal & wood houses, kitchens, rooms for servants & on a separate lot fronting on Main Street but running to form an L, with the Hospital lot is an additional building rented at $300 per annum which has 6 rooms & is used as an apothecary shop common to No. 13 & No. 16. The other rooms are used to accommodate sick & wounded commissioned officers who are charged board for the benefit of the Hospital fund.

On the 1st floor is an office - baggage (or wardroom), storeroom, a large Dining & small mess room & a dead house. The 3 floors above are used as wards - they have several rooms partitioned off for the use of the attendants - the 1st ward opens on a roof which was used as an operating theatre during the days succeeding the battles around Richmond - the wards are well ventilated & lighted & of a high pitch. The united capacity is 170 with 26 attendants.

The Medl Staff consists of A. S. Milligan, Surgeon
F. C. Ellison A. Surgeon
S. C. Eve A. Surgeon
T. B. J. Frye A. A. S.

1 Steward, 18 nurses, 6 cooks, 1 laundress are the attendants. The washing is done at the Steam Laundry & one laundress is allowed to wash bandages, towels, pillow cases & shirts for the emergencies, they being such as are more apt to be lost at the Laundry.

6 cooks is the allowance - 1 wardmaster, 1 clerk & 1 apothecary bring the nurses within the allowance. Of the attendants, 5 are enlisted men - 4 detailed & 1 Wardmaster Morgan Brown not detailed but detained unlawfully to the great prejudice of discipline from the regiment to which he belongs without the knowledge or consent of his Co. or Regtl Commanders.

Wm. J. Glenn is appointed Steward by the Sec. of War & receives only the compensation allowed on the Quartermaster's payroll.

The duties of the Surgeon in Charge seem to have been attended to in observing forms of requisitioning & receipting for medicines - daily inspecting visits - requiring of the Steward, warrdmaster & Asst. Surgeons their respective duties - in numbering the wards & beds - in posting proper rules for the government of the Hospital & for the promotion of comfort & health & in having kept neatly & accurately copies of the books enjoined(?) as Records.

The beds used are of the La. pattern & are such as are used in all the Hospitals furnished by the Ga. Association - they have at the side a folding under flap serving as a table when they can set up to eat & write - they are convenient but easily get out of repair.

The Stewards department, apothecaries & the wards all seemed clean & orderly. On the 1st floor was a room suitable for a bath room but no tub - The Surgeon was directed to make a requisition for a proper bath. The privies in the yard are peculiar in that there is a double row of them in the middle of the room, back to back, each privy having a cover which serves as back to the seat while in use.

The Hospital fund amounts (with the commutation for October) to $1100. The regulation in regard to this fund & the subsistence department are observed. The monthly report for October show of an aggregate 369, Sent to Winder Hospital as convalescent 58, Returned to duty 51, Furloughed 76, Discharged 6, Died 5, Deserted 42. This last item is accounted for by the fact that a no. of patients had been from time to time allowed to go to private quarters & had been reported thus for a long time without conforming to the discipline required of such cases - & on having this explained to him the Surgeon in Charge reported them as deserters. The Surgeon in Charge now observes Section X Genl Orders Sept 20th. Section IX (same order) has been long disobeyed at this Hospital in that a guard has been organized of convalescents - The Surgeon in Charge has made a requisition for a guard & will hereafter send his convalescents to Camp Winder Hospital & in this connection I may mention that some organization is necessary for the purpose of sending convalescents - they had better be sent to some common depot & transported from these - under proper guard.

There have been 3 female attendants or matrons engaged for some time - one to each ward. They are very acceptable. The Surgeons heartily & cordially agreed with the inspector that no ward was large enough for the harmonious working of two matrons & that a better arrangement would be [to] supply the addition[al] labor (if the late bill requires females positively) from the common source of our labor, the negro population who are many of them stronger & better educated for this duty than any white persons.

Chaplain Crimerley of the Ga. Hosl Association has officiated in this Hospital.

Very Respectfully,
    Your Obedient Servant,
        Wm. A. Carrington
            Surgeon & Inspector of Hospitals

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