From the Richmond Dispatch, 1/7/1859, p. 1, c. 4

FAIR GROUNDS. – Some of the residents of Jefferson Ward seem determined that nothing on their parts shall be wanting to induce the Central Agricultural Society to locate its Fairs in that section of the city. Two or three of them have determined to purchase the beautiful site on Hospital Hill and offer it to the Society. If this is done, it is probable the offer will be accepted. – Hospital Hill is within a few hundred yards of the corporation line, is accessible by Marshall street, and can be made so by Broad and Grace at small cost. Near the grounds is the famous Bloody Run Spring, from which an abundant supply of water may be obtained, and as the Central, Danville and York River trains have their depots in that portion of the city, and the steamers all land at Rocketts, cattle and machinery will be nearer their destination, when sent to the Fair, than if the location were at the West end. Another advantage, claimed for Hospital Hill is, that it is within the city limits, and will be under the control of the Mayor and his police. The subscription list, thus far, amounts to about $7,000, and may be doubled in a short time. The Executive Committee, we have no doubt, will consider well, before locating the grounds, and wherever they may make a selection, the public will be satisfied and give the Society a liberal support.

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