From the Richmond Dispatch, 6/28/1861, p. 2

Patriotism of the Ladies

We are in the beginning of the war, which may be long; but however short, it is one which cannot end without considerable bloodshed. There will, therefore, be a good deal of suffering among the wounded and the sick , and it may be greatly alleviated by the kind and gentle ministrations of the ladies, who know so well how to promote their comfort and soothe their sufferings. Mrs. Judge HOPKINS, of Alabama, has presented a noble example for the emulation of her countrywomen. She, is untiring in her zeal, and has just visited Manassas to organize, if possible, a hospital, properly attended by nurses. We trust that our own daughters of Virginia, near whose homes the battles must be fought, will combine to institute efficient and practical measures for the benefit of our gallant volunteers.

We are informed that a society is just organized in King William, of which Mrs. E. H. TEBBS is President and Mrs. B. J. LEWIS, Vice President. They will make clothing and render any assistance in their power to the soldiers. A. BURKE is Secretary of the Society - his address, "Acquinton, King William county." Such societies may do a great deal of good. They should endeavor to organize an active and efficient system in the State, at least in the vicinity of the seats of war, as far as possible to supply the wants and relieve the sufferings of the volunteer.

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