From the New York Tribune, 9/18/1862, p. 3, c. 3

Latest and Interesting from Richmond.

A young man from Frankford arrived in Philadelphia on Tuesday evening, direct from Richmond, having left there last Saturday. He had charge of the Libby Prison Hospital, being hospital steward. In this prison Gen. Pope’s officers, lately captured, are confined. He says that for the first two or three weeks after their capture these officers received very harsh treatment.

They were confined in a room with a hundred citizen prisoners, and deprived of all conveniences. They had to live on prison rations alone, not being allowed to buy any provisions. About three weeks ago, however, the Rebels relaxed their severity toward them, and since then they have been put into a room by themselves, and are allowed to supply themselves with anything they desire.

Our informant saw the Rebel Ram Merrimac No. 2. He says she is unfinished, the second plating of iron having not yet been put on. On the 8th of September a Whig extra was published, announcing the capture of Covington and Newington by the forces under Kirby Smith, and that Smith had crossed the river and ordered the surrender of Cincinnati, which was complied with.

The supplies of medicines in Richmond are very scant. Those which the Rebels captured from us they have used for the benefit of their own sick and wounded. Scurvy is the principal disease among the soldiery, owing to the want of vegetable food. The Rebel sentries fire into the prison windows without provocation, and have in this way recently killed a private, and wounded one of Pope’s officers.

The Rebels are greatly elated over their recent victories, and express themselves satisfied that they have secured their independence. Provisions and supplies of all kinds are very high, and our prisoners at Belle Island at one time received but one ration a day, owing to this lack of provisions. Our informant says that he returns with this fact impressed upon his mind, that the Confederacy will soon fall for lack of resources and means wherewith to successfully contend with the giant power and energies of the North.

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