From the Richmond Enquirer, 9/27/1861, p. 3, c. 4

MAYOR'S COURT - THURSDAY. - John Delany, one of the combatants in the riot between the "Butchertown" and "Hill cats," on Wednesday evening, was charged with being a person of "evil name, fame and reputation." John wasn't exactly prepared to prove his good character, and so the case was continued.

Martha Buckton, a degraded white woman, who has been in the habit of seeking her lodgings under the basin shed, was committed in default of security for her good behavior....

Emilias Agnesia was required to pay $10 for retailing liquor without a license.

Branch, a slave to Thomas Bass, was ordered 39 for assaulting and throwing vitriol upon Elizabeth, a free negress. The prisoner made a desperate effort to escape the penalty by flying from the Court but he was pursued, and, after a smart race, captured.


EXCITING CHASE. - During the course of the official proceedings before the Mayor's Court, yesterday, Branch, a slave, belonging to Mr. Thomas Bass, who had been ordered to be corrected for a dangerous assault upon a free negress, left the prisoner's box and attempted to escape, by slipping for the door of the Court room opening into the northern lobby of the City Hall. The manouvre was detected a second after the prisoner had made his exit, and quick pursuit was made by several officers in attendance. Terror appeared to lend speed to the flying darkey, and he ran with great agility up Capitol street, towards the Central Hotel, closely followed by officer Seal, who outstripped all pursuers. Headed off by some officers, in the direction of his flight, the fugitive then attempted to escape by doubling upon his pursuer. The dodge was, however, ineffectual. Officer Seal stuck to the "flying institution" with the pertinacity of fate, and notwithstanding his twistings and dodgings, succeeded in overhauling him on 10th street, just as Mr. Andrew Jenkins had collared the now thoroughly exhausted obo-shin. The race and the pursuit occasioned great excitement for awhile, and was witnessed by quite a crowd of individuals. The darkey protested stoutly that he didn't intend to run away, but only wanted to be absent for a moment or two, while Mayor Mayo was attending to another case.

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