From the Richmond Daily Whig, 8/26/1861

The General Hospital. - During a brief visit to this Hospital, Saturday, we were pleased to observe that a large number of the wards had been vacated by the Yankee prisoners and were occupied by the invalids of our own army. Many of the former had so far recovered as to warrant their removal to the prisons, in the lower part of the city, and those who still required constant surgical attendance were brought together in the west wing and basement, thereby making room for about one hundred and fifty sick Confederate soldiers. The remaining Yankees will be transferred to the companionship of their fellows, down town, as rapidly as their condition, individually, will allow.

Bricklayers were at work, Saturday, building the wall to enclose the Hospital grounds, in front. This work should be prosecuted vigorously, and the yards in front and rear should be graded and put in proper condition, without further delay.

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