From the Richmond Dispatch, 11/16/1874, p. 2, c. 1

Chimborazo Park.

The question of buying the ragged and desolate hill called Chimborazo for the purpose of making a park of it will come before the second branch of the City Council to-day. We trust that it will receive the approval of that body.

We wonder that measures have not been taken long since to improve the appearance of the eastern end of the city. It is horribly gullied, and bare, and repulsive. Our commerce causes a great part of those visiting this city to cast their eyes on this unprepossessing district first of all parts of the city, and the sight is by no means calculated to produce a favorable impression of Richmond. This is bad.    

The city should appear at all points of approach to advantage. No visitor ought to be prompted by the signs of neglect and decay at any point of the city to infer that, so far from growing, Richmond is rather decaying.

The large number of persons engaged in navigation when they reach Rocketts are not at all comfortably situated. There is no comfort for sojourning thereabouts, and the bare and ragged hills above them seem to be under the direction of the genius of desolation. This is painful. We should reform this altogether. The sea-captain, mates, and men, and the lively class that manage the commerce of the steamers, ought to have something pleasant to look upon – some shade, some place of rest. They deserve it after their toils in service of that commerce whose blessings are inestimable.

The people of Church Hill especially deserve some liberal proof of the care and consideration of the City Legislature. They are divided by a great gulf from other parts of the city, and their means of recreation are limited. Make their district pleasant, and their property will be enhanced in value, and the city treasury will be enriched by contributions from them largely in excess of what may be disbursed for their good.

We hope the ordinance will pass.

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