From the Richmond Dispatch, 4/4/1862, p. 3


We have more than once had occasion to notice and commend the benevolence and patriotism of the ladies of Richmond. They have lost no opportunity to contribute to the comforts of the Confederate soldiers and to alleviate the sufferings of the sick and wounded. Like ministering angels, their labors are directed to the amelioration of the horrors of the present war, and to cast some ray of sunshine around the path of the brave defenders of their homes and firesides. We give this morning another instance of the benevolent generosity with which they are actuated:

March 26, 1862

To J. B. McCaw, Surgeon-in-Chief of the Five Chimborazo Hospitals.

Dear Sir - I have been made the honorable means of forwarding to you the enclosed sum of one hundred and thirteen dollars and twenty-five cents, the generous contribution to the sick and wounded soldiers at Chimborazo Hospitals from many benevolent and patriotic ladies of Richmond. This money has been confided to me by some of the chief donors, to wit: Miss Emma Tyler, Mrs. Ruskell, and Mrs. Strong.

It was contributed for the contemplated "Sidney Hospital," which was never established, and is now appropriated by the ladies for our Chimborazo Hospitals.

Assistant Surgeon

Dr. McCaw acknowledges with gratitude the receipt of the handsome donation to the sick soldiers under his charge, and hopes that Dr. Moss will assure the good ladies to whom we owe this liberal present that it will be used to promote as far as possible the comforts of the patients in this institution.

March 26, 1862.

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