From the Richmond Whig, 4/20/1865, p. 5, c. 2

NEW READING ROOM. – The Confederate Reading Room, on Eleventh street, was destroyed in the great conflagration, with very full and complete files of all the Southern papers then published, which if saved would have been invaluable as material for history. We are glad to see that Mr. W. H. Walker, formerly Librarian of the Young Men’s Christian Association, has opened a new Reading Room at No. 117 Broad street, up-stairs, next door to Pizzini’s confectionary establishment, where he would be glad to see his friends. Full files of all the Northern secular and religious journals, magazines and pamphlets, can always be found there. – The room will prove a pleasant place of resort to persons who for four years have been in a great measure debarred from the perusal of Northern and European publications.

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