From the Richmond Dispatch, 10/18/1861, p. 2, c. 3

The Free Schools of Richmond. – The Board of School Commissioners of this city is composed of Messrs. R. R. Howison, (President;) W. H. Richardson, A. T. Harris, T. J. Evans, James H. Grant, M. Gretter, A. Y. Stokes and John L. Bacon, and John Dove, (Secretary.) According to the report lately made to the Hustings Court, the appropriations for the year ending September 30, 1861, were as follows: Lancastrian School $600, Female Humane Association $500, Male Orphan Asylum $450, Clay Street Chapel School $350, Tredegar Free School $200, Monroe Ward do., No. 3, $350, Monroe Ward do., No. 4, $350, Jefferson Ward do., No. 1, $600; Bethel School $250, St. Paul's Chapel $50.

The Superintendent's report for the past year shows that he has received the following sums: School quota for the year, $1,362.84; capitation tax for the same time, $2,129.44; balance per report of 1860, $655.07; total $4,147.35; and that he has disbursed $3,706.72, leaving a balance of $440.63.

The aggregate number of indigent children attending the nine schools is 1,326; who have attended in the aggregate, 104,741 days; the average attendance of each child was 80 days, and the average expense of each to the Board was about 3 cents per day. The Superintendent reiterates the assurance that the system of primary schools is effecting great good in this portion of the Commonwealth.

Dr. John Dove has been reappointed Superintendent of Schools for the year ending September 30, 1862.

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