From the Richmond Dispatch, 6/3/1862, p. 3, c. 2

Alms House Hospital

We are requested to state that this hospital is very much in need of nurses and comforts for the sick. It being some distance from the centre of the city, it is probably, therefore, somewhat forgotten. Its capacity is great, and the number of sick and wounded there is very considerable. The force attending upon them was unable to do all that should have been done on Sunday. Wounds were unavoidably left undressed that ought to have received prompt attention. The work was too great for the few who had it to perform. Changes of clothing are wanted for the wounded, who are, many of them, in muddy and bloody garments in which they fought in the swamp. Assistance is wanted to wait on the sick, to give even a little water and moisten the bandages. The Sisters of Charity at the hospital have been unceasing in their exertions and cares for the soldiers; but they, too, are overworked. So there is a general want of nurses, servants, clothing, lint, food for the sick, etc.

We are sure it is but necessary to call attention to the condition of this hospital to command for it the active charities of the citizens.

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