From the Richmond Dispatch, 3/26/1862, p. 2, c. 3

The City. – Assistant Provost Marshal Alexander has accomplished much good in his energetic action regarding the matter of liquor selling. Having been well informed to the effect that the prescription business was being abused, he sought some means to have it regulated, and did so – the affair resulting since in the discharge, on parole, of a number of poor men confined for liquor selling. – All parties whose cases were not aggravated have been thus released. In administering the duties of Assistant Provost Marshal, considerable difficulty, as a matter of course, is experienced by that officer, and he can only avoid blame by the sternest impartiality, which we believe is at all times exercised. – Four cases of fast driving were summarily dealt with yesterday. Complaints of citizens are promptly attended to. The city is now in a very quiet state, and knowing that this desirable state of things has been produced by martial law, all must wish that law success.

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