From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/27/1864, p.1, c 5

Petition for Pardon. – A petition is in circulation for signatures, asking the Governor to commute the punishment or pardon a negro named William, slave of Mrs. Fauntleroy, convicted some time since by the Hustings Court of burglarously entering in the night time the house of Mrs. Mary Harris, and sentenced to be hung for the offence. The evidence of burglary and robbery against him was distinctly made out before the Court of Magistrates by Mrs. Harris herself, who saw him in her passage rummaging in her wardrobe, which was also broken open. The negro had a candle in his hand, by the light of which she was enabled to fully scan his features, and therefore identified him as soon as he was arrested. It will be recollected that circumstances which afterwards developed themselves indicated that there were two others engaged in the transaction, as outside of Mrs. Harris’s door, after the thieves were frightened off, there were found three pairs of negro shoes, one loaded musket, and old sabre, and a heavy iron crow bar. One other negro besides the condemned was arrested at the same time, but the evidence before the Court was insufficient to convict him, and he was therefore discharged. The execution is set for the 19th of August.

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