From the Richmond Whig, 1/16/1864, p. 1, c. 3

PARDONS AND REPRIEVES. - Gov. Letcher's communication to the General Assembly in December relative to pardons and reprieves granted by him during the year 1863, has been printed. At the risk of doing injustice to Gov. Letcher, in condensing his explanations,, we have prepared a summary of the pardons granted to persons convicted in every case, would require more space than can be spared.

[all persons mentioned as pardoned for offenses committed in April and May 1863 were transcribed - possible participants in the Bread Riot]

...Minerva Meredith, convicted in May of misdemeanor, pardoned June 8th, on certificate of Dr. Pollard, that she was suffering from a tumor on the neck, and that confinement in the close and impure air of a prison might result in serious effects to Mrs. Meredith.

...Mary Duke, convicted in May of a misdemeanor - pardoned July 1st. She had four young children, and was in delicate state of health, etc.

...Wm. J. Lusk, convicted in April of participation in a riot - pardoned 9th December. His services in his company were claimed as invaluable, and his release earnestly asked for, etc.

...Governor Letcher states, in his communication, that he exercised the pardoning power more frequently than he would otherwise have done, owing to the fact that the penitentiary was over crowded with convicts.

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