From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/13/1864, p.1, c. 5

Presentments by the Grand Jury. – The following presentments were rendered yesterday by the Grand Jury of the Hustings Court:

For unlawfully retailing ardent spirits to be drank in their houses – Francis Beeber, six cases; Charles Kennedy and Thaddeus Cruse, one case; L. Burns, three cases; Charles Fitzpatrick and Robert Calivan, two cases; James F. McGhee, three cases; Augustus Symco, three cases; Williams Singleton, four cases.

For unlawfully exhibiting the game of faro – David Stubblefield, two cases; George Freeberger, one case; William Sudlings, one case; ____ Spradling, six cases; Joseph Clifford, five cases; John Slater, one case; and ____ Cheat, one case. For betting at the same – John Ferguson, four cases; George Freeberger, three cases; James Gamble, three cases; William Snellings, three cases; Francis Flannagan, three cases; Benjamin Degroot, three cases; and Henry Hungerford, three cases.

(In all of the above presentments, John Reese, detective in the Confederate States Chief of Police office, was the informant. The whole of them together number sixty cases.)

Alfred Ball was indicted for falsely representing himself to Mary Smith, a free negress, as a night-watchman, and receiving a bribe of ten dollars from her to let her off. Ball was one time a watchman but had been dismissed the service.

A true bill was also found against John M. Daniel and J. Marshall Hanna – one as the editor and the other the reporter of the Richmond Examiner – for libel.

The Grand Jury will meet again this morning at 11 o’clock.

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