From the Richmond Dispatch, 5/31/1864, p. 1, c. 7

Charged with stealing a cow. – Last Thursday night a small but very valuable milch cow was stolen from the residence of Mrs. M. E. Meeds in Henrico, west of the city. On Saturday Dr. Nicholas C. Sheppard, son-in- law of Mrs. M., after a long search, found the carcass of a small cow at the eating house of Jas. A. Goodwyn, on Main street, near the county Court House. Goodwyn told the Doctor that he had bought the cow on the hoof on Friday, had her himself on Friday night, and had sold the skin to a fishmonger. Later in the day Dr. S. found the skin of the stolen cow at a hide and leather store near the Old Market, said from the lady in charge of the store she had bought it from Goodwyn. He had Goodwyn arrested, and the case was brought before the Mayor yesterday, when the above facts were deposed.

The lady who had bought the hide identified Goodwyn as the man who sold it to her, and Dr Sheppard swore that the hide was of the cow stolen from Mrs. Meeda. --Goodwyn introduced three females as witnesses, who swore that they saw him buy the cow, killed and dressed, from a white man, between 6 and 7 o’clock on Friday morning. A number of persons were introduced to prove Goodwyn’s good character. The Mayor sent Goodwyn on to answer for receiving the cow, knowing her to have been stolen, and admitted him to bail for his appearance before the Hustings Court. This man, Goodwyn, is the principal witness for the Commonwealth in the case of Ro S Forde, charged with the murder of Ro E Dixon.

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