From the Richmond Dispatch, 2/1/1864, p. 1, c. 6

The Trial of Forde. –The attendance upon Judge Lyons’s Court Saturday was larger than on any previous day, and at the evening session several fashionably dressed ladies were present, besides the wife of the prisoner and her aunt, who have occupied seats by him during the whole of the examination. --At 10 o’clock the Court was opened, when Allen B. Magruder, Esq, counsel for the accused, commenced his speech, consuming three hours and a hall in the delivery of it. - He was followed by Hon. Mr. Burnett, of Ky., on the same side, in an argument of two and a half hours length, after which the Court took a recess till five o’clock. Upon the reopening of the trial, Hon. Humphrey Marshall took the floor and continued to address the jury in behalf of the prisoner till a few minutes past eight o’clock, at the conclusion of which the Court adjourned till 9½ o’clock this morning. Gen. G. W. Randolph will close the argument for the defence, when he will be followed on the part of the prosecution by Littleton Tazewell, Esq., after which the case will be given in the hands of the jury.

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