From the Richmond Dispatch, 5/30/1863, p. 1, c. 5

Execution of a Malefactor. -- A negro man, Richard, owned by Miss Rosalie P. Sampson, of New York, and held for her benefit in trust, by P. H. Aylett, Esq, C. S. District Attorney, was executed yesterday, at 15 minutes to 1 o'clock, by the Sheriff of Henrico and his assistants, in the yard of the old jail, at the Court House. Richard was convicted before the County Court of King William county of making a murderous and unprovoked assault on Atwell F. Pitts, manager on Mr. Aylett's farm, on the 30th of last January. His trial took place on Monday, April 27th, at King William C. H., resulting in his condemnation. Shortly after committing the offence for which he suffered he was brought to Richmond for safe keeping, but was carried back on the day of his trial. The accused, who was a stupid, stolid, and vicious-looking negro, had persistently refused to say anything of the reasons that induced him to attempt the murder of Mr. Pitts until yesterday, when the near approach of death unnerved him, and he made a full and free confession to Rev. Mr. Christian, of Union Station, his spiritual attendant. The above execution was known to but few at the time of its occurrence. A dozen persons were present — not more. The culprit died easy, and on the same gallows on which Louis Napoleon was executed some months since.

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